J-girls. Jada and Jaelyn. Two peas in a pod.

I love watching them together. They are extremely close, despite differences in their personalities and age. Jada is 7. Jaelyn is 5. Jada prefers to have things in right order, likes her spaces clean, keeps herself clean, is wary of strangers, very loyal once she bonds with someone, loud and funny when she feels comfortable, hates being alone, loves dinners but hates breakfasts, very artistic. Jaelyn likes to go with the flow, doesn't mind mess, can be found with food on her clothes and face, would greet strangers with no fear, sensitive and likes having her own space once in a while, loves breakfasts but hates dinners, very athletic. They are polar opposites. Yet, they play together so well. They get each other. Jada knows when Jaelyn needs her space. Jaelyn knows when Jada needs a cuddle. They take turns playing games they want to play. They fight but they don't get overtly upset because they know their friendship is strong enough to withstand a fight. Every Monday, they sit quietly and catch each other up on what they have been doing over the weekend (if they are not together that weekend). Every day after school, they play together, fight, give each other space, then cuddle on the couch. Not even 5 minutes after one girl leaves, the other will ask to be with her.

I love watching them together and I hope they stay best friends for many years to come. <3


07/09/2013 9:43am

Beautiful story about the TWO J's!

07/09/2013 5:43pm

Sometimes being quite the opposite is what makes a friendship stronger. Can't wait to watch both girls in the years to come! :)


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