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It is a hard choice for many moms. The choice between staying at home with children for an unforeseeable future or to return to workforce. For some moms, the choice might be easy or for some moms, there really isn't a choice. I can understand that. But in my situation, there are pros and cons to both choices and both are doable.

Actually, I do sort of have three choices. I could return to work full-time and put Tiana in daycare full-time. This option is not really a good option because of Tiana's multiple appointments and therapy sessions. I would have to pay for the daycare as if she goes there everyday but lose money on days she is not there (missed days at daycare is not refundable). And then there's the amount of days I would have to miss work to take Tiana to her appointments/therapy sessions. There would be a lot of financial and emotional strain with this option. For myself, Tiana and even for the employer. So, I am not even going to consider this option.

Then there are two feasible choices. I could return to work part-time and put Tiana in day care part-time. I could try to get her appointments to fall on days I do not work and she is not in daycare (best case scenario). I am blessed to have an employer who would be open to me working part-time. The pros would be additional income, continuing my career and for Tiana to be exposed to socializing with her peers and to speech (she has hearing in one ear). The cons would be the additional stress of juggling career (I would need to grade papers/develop lesson plans/etc...) and girls' 20 specialists on top of what needs to be done at home. Then there is also the fact that we do still want more children and when we do adopt our third child, I would be leaving.... once again.

And the final option is to stay at home. With this option, I would be focusing 100% on girls' appointments, on the adoption process for future children (which can be like a full time job on its own!), and whatever needs to be done at home. Pros would be less stress, more stability for the family and more energy for my family. This option could also be easier for James as well because by staying home, he would not have to miss some work to help out with appointments or in case of illnesses (which is numerous with our kids!). The cons would be less income (we would be REALLY tight with money) and I would not be keeping up with the momentum of my career. I would also miss teaching because oh boy, I do really love teaching!

It's a tough decision.

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