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I advocate for my girls every single day, morning, afternoon and night. In 75% of e-mails, I am advocating for them. In 100% of their appointments and meetings, I advocate for them. For every single new service, program or treatment, there is always advocating for my girls involved. Sure, every parent should advocate for their child. Most of you do. But one of things I think is unique about my family is the amount of advocating required to give my children a full access to a full, healthy childhood.

Just 5 minutes ago, I was writing an e-mail explaining why we need an certified ASL/English interpreter (not a hard of hearing person who knows how to sign) for a cultural event for one of my girls. Just 20 minutes ago, I was on phone demanding that Jada get a service that she is most definitely qualified for (although they think she does not). Two hours ago, I was researching different resources my girls will need and sent an e-mail to their workers asking for the subsidy to cover costs. I could share gazillion more examples. But this is one of things that I do when some people think I do "nothing" at home with our new baby. Among hundreds of titles I have, Advocate is one of them.

Although it can be frustrating at times. Although it can be tiring at times. It is ultimately a rewarding experience and I would not trade my girls for anything in world. They are exactly who they should be.

(I am not the only one who does this. Mad props to parents of children with Down Syndrome, ADHD, learning disabilities, medical conditions and so on. I know some of you read this blog and this blog is me saying "you rock!".)

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